Blood Donation Camp

Organize blood donation camps on a regular basis.

Bring a Smile!

Spend time with cancer diagnosed children and engage them in various activities to take their mind off of problems.

Teach Your Neighbour

Teaching underprivileged students.


Aim to spread the culture of excellence and ethics amidst the student community with the spirit of selfless service.


An attempt to provide better access to valuable content for the visually challenged people.

Project Paws

Help animals in distress and promote their welfare.

Engineering can be Fun

To express the essence of engineering and inspire the engineers of the future.

Education Blog

To provide free accessible articles with valuable information for high school students.

Science Teaching Kit

Create experiments and toys to help high school students understand and appreciate science better.


Enhancing the ability of students to deal with competitive exams.


The project creates a platform for interactions with the visually-challenged and hearing-impaired kids.

Teach for National Olympiad

To help students improve the understanding of their basic concepts and prepare them for olympiad exams.